How to get gold checkmark verification on twitter

How to get gold checkmark verification on twitter

The Gold checkmark is the new thing to show off on Twitter now.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can actually get the golden the Golden check mark and Twitter so first of all guys what I’m going to show you is how to get first the blue

Check mark because in order to get the golden Shake Mark you will have to get the blue Shake Mark so let’s go ahead and go to Twitter by opening any browsers and then go into your account so as you can see here my account uh

Here I don’t have the blue check mark in here option or the blue verify verification so that’s because I’m not in the country that is allowed into it so what I’m going to do is download the VPN or like any kind of event that you know I’m using the owner VPN extension

So I’m going to make it work and I’m going to connect to the USA so here we go here we go and fix it and here it is working now so now let’s give it a little bit of time continue for free load it free time so let’s wait until it

Loads for us uh basically guys uh as you can see here here’s the Twitter below as you can see here um you can now wait I think now they will allow us to browse all right nice so now we can get the Twitter Blue by checking this here you can see your um

Your uh your your like access the new things that you will give you and other stuff so let’s click on it again I think it’s lagging because I’m using the VPN anyway what you’ll have to do is just uh is like choose to pay put your credit card and then fill some information

About you and then like after two to three days they will answer if your account is uh is good they will rare for you if not they were not verified now how you can actually get the golden check mark well basically if you open this page here you will notice that in

Addition to these changes something today we are replacing the official label with gun check mark although some businesses account on Twitter so only some businesses account on Twitter will get this check mark so not everyone can get it you can’t really pay for it or anything like that and also they will

Add a gray check mark for government accounts and material accounts so basically the blue subscribers are like like the normal ones now but there is the golden and the gray one that will be upcoming so so hey guys literally uh you can only now get the blue check mark But

The golden one will be available soon for only some businesses so hey guys that was it for today’s tutorial if you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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