How to use AI to write Contracts

How to use AI to write Contracts

How to use AI to write contracts, but you can also use it to cancel them.
Its perfect for lawyers but also for many common people in their daily life.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI to write a contract so first of all I wanted you guys to go ahead and open your browser on your PC or whatever browser you will

Be possibly good so now we go to open AI just like so and from here I will go to click and Destroy button over here now after that this page will be opened because I have already created an account at block end that’s why I get

Directly to this page if you don’t have an account already scratch one which is pretty simple now after you log in we go here and let’s start typing so hi hello how can I help you can you write me a contract so now sure I’d be happy to have to drop

The contract can you please provide me with some more information can you for example can you write me a contract for a salary in my company that will stay with us for three weeks and get paid 200k from 2K dollars And if he does not work killed he will get to pay us this 200 so for example this kind of a contract so here’s a simple contract for a temporary employee who will be working for your company for two weeks will be paid please note that this is just a

Simple and may need to be accelerated to your specific situation and loss to to in your jurisdiction so as you can see this agreement is made and entered into on so he must be exchanging the uh I mean these information is over there so uh compensation employees shall become compensated for services

Rendered here I don’t know what this word is address of 2K per week for a total of 6K for the three-week period uh termination these are agreement no I’ll cause you know performance if during the term of disagreement it really does not perform his duties to reason reasonable

It’s a function of the company the company shall have the right to terminate these argument and approach shall be obligated to return the full amount of 6K that he received as compensation so and this is like an example which is really really good it has every affirmation that you need just change

Here the state and the custom affirmations and it will be really good to go so yeah guys thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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