How to use starryai

How to use starryai

How to use starryai the AI Art generator App which can be used for many cases, a guide on #starryai

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to use Theory AI in order for you to make a bunch of AI powerful things so first of all guys I need you to open your browser and then

Go to your url section and search for Siri Ai and as you can see here we will try to do this which is the first website so story and as you can see you can download this AI to make pictures or images through your app

Store or your Google Play so you can do it in order to make like really cool images like these ones as you can see here and yeah you can go crazy with your imagination and Imagination for example this this clock which is really looking good it’s like a nades or infinity and

The sky I don’t know what is this exactly but it’s looking really insane so and the details in this image like so good so for us to ask she starts creating an image you can just click on Create and now we continue with Google so we just have to sign into our account

And just like so here we go now you can choose the style so we can choose this one and then here we can enter prompt so uh a guy or kit for example and here we can uh to create so here we go you will receive a notification once

Your creation is your creation is ready so all you need to do now is wait for it until it’s fully created your prompt and make it live so yeah just wait for it and if you have like notification of the website off just make sure to make it on

And yeah keep checking like the websites if you don’t have it on like the notification keep checking it every like three minutes to two minutes and by the end you will find your generated picture over here so as you can see now it is in

Queue and as you can see here it can take up to two minutes to render your artwork so it depends on what prompt you give them and what detail did you have to write for them uh yeah guys well what I’m going to do now is actually pause

The recording and then I will be right back to you after they give me my creation results so back to you guys after like couple minutes uh it took like forever it is still in progress and still there is actually no results as you can see so

This is the result that they give me at the moment and yeah they tell me that it is still in progress but as you can see guys it has been like about 10 minutes and the image is still in the progress so yeah guys that’s how you can actually

Use the AI uh you have to be really patient to get your images unfortunately and hopefully like by the end of the time you will get like a really cool images like we’ve saw in the home page so hey guys that was it today’s video if

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