How to setup Coinbase wallet

How to setup Coinbase wallet

How to setup Coinbase wallet, with them beeing listed on the public stock exchange using the #coinbasewallet is a great choice.

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Hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to set up your coin coinbase wallet so first of all guys I will need you to go to your PC and then open your browser and from

There go to the URL section and search for coinbase wallet so here we go con base wallet and guys if there is actually um an extension for it let’s check if it is an explanation for it which is gonna be so much better so let’s go for extensions and here let’s search for

Coinbase wallets and search if it’s actually here so this is it here it is coinbase while it has more than a thousand like uh user so you can click on here to add it to the extension and here it is so now let’s check this station so now I’m just going to click

Over here go here and let me just Bing it and I will add it over here now as you can see this is the wallet so create here a new wallet so to be able to create new oh this is how to create to click here and create a new wallet so

Here we go now all you need to do is copy this uh this phrase and please guys don’t give this because don’t give this recovery face to anyone so if you give it to anyone in the histology there is no way of you getting back your money and

So let me just write it over here for example and let me just see how it goes so okay indicates so indicates what it is okay here it is okay dizzy break here okay dizzy what do you mean oh only the first and the last one okay so replace and

Submit here all you need to do is put the password so something like that kind of the job and here the same thing so here it is and after that I agree and submit and as you can see now I have got your what is ready and now you can claim

Your free username so claim for free continue here you can put your username so something like so and then I agree and then you can do whatever you’d like so for example here something like that uh something like so available and then submit and then you can here see Add

Profile details to see your profile detail upload images Etc and here is your wallet guys here you can buy swap bridge and send and receive money and of course here you can add cryptocurrency to your wallet so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please

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