How to setup Salesforce CRM account

How to setup Salesforce CRM account

How to setup Salesforce account, with the #SalesforceCRM you can setup create complex systems to manager your company.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video and in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up your sales for account so first of all guys and as always I will need you to go to your PC or your devices and then open

Any kind of browser therefore I will open Google Chrome and here I will put in url section the name of Salesforce which is Salesforce as you can see here so basically now I will just go here and I will wait until the open the website opens accept everything and

Basically guys what I need to do is Skip to content and I will here go down below to see the website here it is everything so take the next step with the new number one so see selfish inaction or tall so let’s take a tower here we go

Now in order to create our account we will have to sign up so to sign up in this account we just have to put here name last name subtitle Etc so let’s put it randomly Lolly for example hey slab let’s put this randomly okay this could

Looks good one company a lot of these and here phone number so let’s get like a temporary phone number from here here and I will copy this real quick and I will put it here let’s add this somewhere something like that and I would like to receive so so

Just like so as you can see here I have created my account so just like that I am and guys so start Tower like that you can log in through like uh you can choose to get started you can sort here your company size so I will choose the

Smallest one even though I don’t have any company so here for example you can see those videos to have more details here you can see everything so after that you just have to click on one of these so let’s click on this one and basically now you will see

Everything like a quick tower on in this thing and when you finish this you just have to click in free free 30-day Trail and yeah you just have to put this again something like that something like that start my free trial and basically we’ll be ready to go so

Yeah guys that was it for today’s video for sure please leave a like and thank you for watching

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