How to use Openai API (GPT3)

How to use Openai API (GPT3)

How can you use the Openai API (GPT3) ?

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use chat gbt the right way so stick around till the end of the video first of all head to your favorite browser while doing so I’m going to explain what is shell GPT chat GPT is one of the most

Amazing AI tools they gained 1 million literally 1 million accounts in about 5 days making it one of the most growing businesses in the whole world that aside shared GPT is a tool that you can use to chat with it’s like another person that you can chat with and it

Literally knows everything now it is biased to some opinions and some stuff it can show you literally everything you can’t ask it to make something dangerous but you get the idea in your favorite browser in the URL where it says search Google or type a URL you can type

Right here in the middle search for the following chat GPT 3 open AI after that click enter right here make sure that you have blog shot GPT click on the first link right here you can click try share GPT now something to keep in mind is that

Cheap chat GPT has been literally on capacity that meaning they are literally full so after you click on that click on sign up right here click on either continue with Google or create your own account or use Microsoft account I’m going to use Google choose your right account and after that

You will be prompted to the right page where it says open AI as you can see I am lucky that shot GPT right now is not at capacity and I can use it which is really really amazing so tell us about you you’ll have to put in your name

And then your phone number and after you have signed up successfully you’ll be met into this page and this is how to create shared gbt account problem thanks for watching and goodbye

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