How to setup Skype Phone number

How to setup Skype Phone number

How to setup Skype Phone Number, since you can create full useable phone numbers to call or send sms #skype is a great way.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in this tutorial guys I will show you how to stop a phone number in your your Skype account so let’s go first of all guys I will need you to go to Skype so open your browsers

And head to Skype now let’s head up to this uh Pro to this website and then we connect to our accounts now as you can see here we can open Skype in our navigator to our click on it and here is my Skype account now basically what I will need to do is

Click on settings and then it is pretty simple you just have to go here all the way down this menu in here as you can see and pretty much all you have to do is get a Skype number so if I click on it here you go now we can choose like

Whatever number we want so you can transform multiple countries for example United States here is your number which is this one so you just have to continue and just like so you had your account so let’s wait that’s how you for example you choose for example to paste for on

Three months or 12 months so for example this one then you press on continue and just like so you will just have to put some information about your name unders Etc and then let’s for example say something like so something like that I don’t know random stuff and

Register and then here we will have just to put your bank account information so they accept debit card credit card Google play or even pipel if you want to or more you’ll find here multiple other options so yeah guys that was it for today’s video please leave a like and

Thank you guys for watching

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