How to use Coinbase Commerce Payment gateway

How to use Coinbase Commerce Payment gateway

How to use Coinbase Commerce Payment gateway. For cryptocurrency transactions to purchase something or to sell something for crypto you can use #coinbasecommerce for that.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to use common based Commerce payments get away so first of all let’s go to com coinbase so here it is and from here guys I will

Go to the English website so English and here it is so now what I’m going to do is simply click on get started or just get it get the actual um wallet on your PC so how you can do it just check if the actual uh platform

Has an extension on your browser so go to extensions so here we go enter me Chrome Web Store and search for coinbase so here it is and as you can see here it is the extension you can click here to add to Chrome so as you can see here

Click here to add it to Chrome ADD extension and here it is so now it will be installed coinbase extension has been added to Chrome now I will just go here to build it out and here it is so now what I’m going to do is simply wait for

It and now I will just create a new wallet so here it is I can now copy this phrase of course guys this is a tutorial video so that’s why I’m showing you this uh 12 words thing but overall guys you shouldn’t actually show this phrase face

To anyone so I’m going to paste it over here and then I will click on I understand and continue now let’s choose the first and the last word so here we go it means it’s the first one and the last word is actual uh uh okay the

Verify that you said there’s by clicking on the first then the last okay so cross I think cross and submits so here we go now what I’m going to do is just type password here real quick here it is and here it is now I agree on terms and submit real

Quick now as you can see here it is combo’s wallet so now you can actually start paying do the comment thing send money money and so I’ll go on so guys that was it for today’s video if you enjoy please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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