How to setup Assetto Corsa server

How to setup Assetto Corsa server

How to setup Assetto Corsa server to play online or with friends on your own private server. A tutorial on how to setup #assettocorsa server.

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to create your aceto commercial server first of all guys a sticker is a game that is played offline but you can actually play it with your friends what is it up in

Your own server so how you can do it first of all let me show you guys what is a set of code let’s go like that real quick so basically this is the game so if you wanted to like play with your friends in a private server it is pretty

Much simple all you need to do is click on here click search for server and then you can search for like the best server possible or price as possible for your server so for me I found this is the best server possible let’s give you limited slots and limited storage and

They give much a lot of stuff so and it is pretty cheap it is like five euros per month and I think 5 Euros is actually like five dollars to dollar uh yeah it is pretty much the same so 5.35 not that much so all you need to do

Is click on order order now and as you can see this is how to start server so start server this is the thing that you will get start Supply include the following plugins so you get some plugins website to store all the data collected from the server Global reader

Board several uses Statics all lab storage sector by sector individual driver data and perfect plan for free ROM interest as you can see this is how the C panel is going to look like so restart even stop events etcetera quick race custom races championships race

Weekends so this is going to help you a lot to create your tournament and Etc now all you need to do is actually just pay them with your PayPal or your debit card so you have to choose your payment method for example here debit card and

All you need to do next is just fill in your informations and it’s just like so you will get your server ready and set it up for you so yeah guys that’s how you can create your assistant server so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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