How to use AI for zoom Meeting Notes (

How to use AI for zoom Meeting Notes (

How to use AI for zoom ( with this new tool you can record and automatically transcribe #zoom meetings into text for your protocols.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI for Zoom calls so basically what I’m going to do now is first of all we need to go to your devices and open your browser there

Will several project house let’s open it then go to DRL section and I will need you to go to so this is the website now let’s wait until it’s loads so it’s pretty simple let’s go to get started for free and new weight until it loads so we are

Loading here you can do whatever you like so Google Calendar or other calendars let’s go for Google Calendar and then here you put for example your email next uh next and just like so here it is or tries and here we are in the AI so basically now meeting will join so

For example join alcander event with web conflict join only calendar so you can hear specific what they can see or not this is the settings so now advice co-workers to your workspace not now and start free trial so let’s start it of course you’ll have to put first here

Your your card information from like um whatever card you have so here puts your information and then click on start tutorial and basically guys what this bot or this AI actually do is if we go back in here it really helps you that you’re like record your team calls transcribe search

And analyze first conversations so it can do all of this stuff here and if you want to see the pricing of this AI you can just go to pricing and you can see here there’s the free which is forever there is like a 10 seats uh 19 seats and

The customer which was which is like customable you can just put whatever members you want and then they will give you the amount that you have to pay by the end of the by the end of the of the process so yeah guys that was it for

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