How to setup Stripe Payment Gateway

How to setup Stripe Payment Gateway

How to setup Stripe Payment Gateway, so accept credit card payment from your business clients you can use the #stripe payment gateway which is quick and easy to use.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up strip payments gets away so first of all guys I will need you to go here to your browsers and then go to your section and

Write stripe so let’s go stripe and let’s open this website now guys I will need you to sign in so let’s go to sign in or now we will have to only like click in the sign up over here and like that we will have to create our account so

Let’s create an account for example here we can just make something like that and here we can for example we can use whatever oops password you can use if we chose the country make it for example like that or you can go all the way down

Okay we keep it realize the state and we will keep something like so here okay let me just change this and here we go that’s actually really nice I got already exists with this email if you’d like to create new swipe account with the same error sign in and

Follow command okay let me just sign in real quick so I have already an account I always assign into my account real quick and then I will be right back to you guys back to you guys so basically this is the dashboard uh that’s everything you have here this is the

Published key and Etc so guys what I need you to do now is go to here into payment uh basically basically guys we just have to create for example a payment link or something like that for example if you want to create payment link or case of

Payment or Etc you just have to go one of these so create a payment and here what you have to do is wait here you put the amount here put the customer optional customer which is optional in a description and here’s the basement description and basically you

Just have to put here the method of payment you just have to put here you can number Etc and just like that you have been set up your payment in in strip guys so thanks a lot for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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