How to setup WordPress plugin

How to setup WordPress plugin

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up a WordPress plugin inside of your website so first of all guys what we need to do is go to our website and open our dashboard so

Let’s go ahead and open our dashboard by going to WP admin so I’m going to do this and here it is now before this page will open some of you will ask if you didn’t have an account you have to create an account and then

This page will have to open so now what we need to do is drag a plugin so how we can do it is go to this menu in here or left of your screen and then click on plugins from plugins you can click on add new

From here or just click it from here now right after you finish this step you can search for any plugin existing in your website that you want for example here is Elementor which is a really cool plugin for your website sources that they don’t know how to uh actually code

Or stuff like that this Elementor plugin really helps uh what I can I give you as a suggestion there is all in one plugin this is a plugin that can save a lot of your database and saved it on your PC there is also some WordPress uh plugins

That are essential for your website so yeah for example here is the co Optimizer here’s the contact form which is really really important uh what else in any way you can find here in ninja forms you can find here any kind of plugin that you might need for your

Website so how you can make for example install something so you can go just for example this plugin you can click on S tone now and we’ll wait a little bit as I said before it doesn’t take a lot of time it will take maximum in one minute

It didn’t it didn’t even take 10 seconds so now we click on activate and you will be ready to go so here is the page now you can create your first form as you can see let’s go and you can choose whatever form you want want and we’ll

Start with it and you can publish it on your websites as well so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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