How to setup Zendesk CRM account

How to setup Zendesk CRM account

How to setup Zendesk CRM account, a simple and easy guide to use #zendesk

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to stop your zendesk account so first of all and as always guys I will need you to go ahead and open your device and then open any kind

Of browsers for example I am using Google Chrome now we go to Google section and search for zendesk just like so and here what I need you to do guys is click on this website so enemies has changed the language real quick okay here I will treat you as language

And here we go so now what you have to do is click on sign in and from here you can start your free trial so basically you have here to put your fees and Destroyer work email so here I post my email so use your work emails

Smoothly next hear your name and last name so I can put for example here something like so something like so and here you have to put your phone number so for example we can go to like team temporary phone number and we can find actually something around here for example this one

And I will copy this and I will just go here and put it over here next here I will put my company name so right rights case for example numbers of employees over like 10 49 what are you solving as customer services requesting ssds Etc so you can

Choose whatever you like and here you just have to put your password so something around that will do the work I have wait I have to change my language to French and here I will just do something like that so now as you can see my account

Has been created I will only need now to verify my email and just like so I have created my first zendesk account so that was it for today’s video guys enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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