How to use AI to create Ebooks

How to use AI to create Ebooks

How to use AI to create Ebook, especially in days of AmazonKPD and more platforms #ebook writing can be a lucrative business.

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So hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI to create an ebook so first of all guys I need you to go to your PC and open any kind of browser and then go ahead to the URL

Section and type e open AI so from from here guys I will need you to go to the top of the website and click on this try out and this will open for you so basically I have already an existing account so for you guys you will have to create an

Account if you don’t have it already it is pretty simple you can just sign up with Google or Facebook or even Twitter account or just use an email password password and then your phone number now what I’m going to do is check if it is working because it has a lot of bugs

These days so let’s check it out now let’s see how many how much time it will take it to answers so answer us okay now it answers us so what I’m going to do is can you create me an ebook so let’s see So currently he is or it is currently

Collecting affirmations yes I can help you create an ebook what is the subject or topic of ebook or what phone you would like to be the ebook so let me for example I want the ebook to be a fantasy one talking about witches and Wizards in mid mid medieval

Let me just correct this real quick medieval and what else I wanted to be or for like uh 100 pitch so now it will start maybe giving us the book or maybe it will tell us no I can’t help you create fantasy ebook about 27 Wizards in medieval times the evil could

Be approximately 100 days long please keep in mind that creating an ebook of that length will take a significant amount of time and effort also for legal reasons I can’t write you and a book that you can sell when to do like to include in your ebook upload character with indicator um

I want to the main character to be a girl or an elf go and I want her to be lost in the humans word without any clue that she got super powers and I want humans to hate of and that they think that they are imaginary creatures

So something like that now let’s see what it will give us as a result so maybe as you get as you saw here uh I can help your creativity I’ll go with listening I’m humans okay here’s an outline of the plot the main character enough girl gets separated from her

Family and tried while on a hunting trip she wanders into the human world where she discovers that she she has magical powers he struggle to understand and control her powers while trying to survive among humans who hates a fears else she meets a group of humans who

Help her navigate human world and teach her about her powers she discovered that humans believe elves to be imaginary creatures and faces Prejudice prejudice and discrimination she decides to use her power to help humans in Earth coexist peacefully she faces a film against a powerful human sorcerer who

Wants to destroy all elves she images victories and errors to respect and acceptance of both humans and elves that’s the basic idea so it just gives you the basic idea of the work so you can work on it to make the ideas go deep and deep and you can break the the story

Using these eight ideas that the bot has given you so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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