How to start Zoom Meeting

How to start Zoom Meeting

How to start Zoom meeting, since its often better than google meet or microsoft teams we show you how to start a #zoommeeting .

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to start Zoom meeting so first of all we need to get Zoom so go ahead to your browsers and then go to zoom and then go to and then

Click on sign up for free after that you just have to fill this information so we can do whatever you want so for example here I’m going to put something like so um continue and then email address you can put whatever email address you’d like so let’s me just put this as an

Example and so actually like ignore all that you can just sign in using your Google account to email Facebook or Apple pay so I’m going to use my Gmail so like make it fast and here you go now you can actually start meeting through

Here how you can do that you can just go here to schedule meeting so let’s schedule a meeting and here you can actually make it start at like now by for example um let’s make it by 10 so on or nine so or 8 30 so here we go there is in one

Hour as you can see time zone uh let’s make it for Casablanca as you can see it’s in place you can choose whatever template none and here we go and we can like make it off off and Save and now as you can see here is my

Meeting so the invite link here it is and if you want to start this I can just click here to start it here it goes and basically all you need now to is to install zoom on your PC as you can see and then sign into your account so let

Me just install it real quick as you can see here so here it is installing it is pretty much simple and pretty fast uh in the installing process now it is 95 let’s give it the access so here it goes uh sorry guys here here we go so now I’m

Going to do is join a meeting connecting and that’s pretty much it so so here I am doing with computer audio a lot but yeah this is the the room and this is like the meeting and here is the call so anyone can join me so hey guys that was

It for today’s video if you don’t please leave a like and thank you for watching bye

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