How to use AI for UX Website design

How to use AI for UX Website design

How to use AI for UX Website design, in those day we advise to use AI for your #ux creation.

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So hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI for ux design so basically I’m going to use mid journey to create website design elements like logos or background elements Etc so first of all

What I need you guys is to go to your devices and open any kind of browsers so let’s go here search for me here we go so let’s click on sign in and basically what I need now is just connected to our Discord so authorize it

Is like so here we go already down to start so let’s go to this card and let’s go and open our Discord it will not take a long time so here we go and I will search for my Chinese server which is here now let me just search for the new buys

So here it is and basically I’m going to go all the way down and type slash imagine prompt and let’s say for example make me a website uh um our websites high quality UI like high quality Banner with logo the bright corner top left maybe top left yeah top left corner

And smart UI so website let’s make website page high quality here it’s modui and let’s add here 8K so and now let’s tap enter so now what I’m going to do is wait a little bit until it finishes making the image so let’s wait and let’s give it

Some time now it’s going to traffic the data and Etc so now it’s started making it so it is at zero percent of course now we can see the image which is looking pretty much ugly but trust me guys by the end it will look so much

Good so much inside so and actually I can see it’s coming super clean so let’s wait for 62. all right actually this one looks super dope in this one also so oh oh my God I I’ve seen it all right this is super clean guys look at this

Look at this this is actually pretty I’m going to save this image because it is really really good so yeah guys basically that’s how you can actually make it happen thanks a lot for watching and see ya in the next video

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