How to store passwords in Google chrome

How to store passwords in Google chrome

How to store passwords in Google chrome its a simple and secure #passwordmanager which you can use in your google chrome.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to actually save password in Google Chrome so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead and open your Google Chrome and then we can go to whatever websites

We want to sign in our password so for example I will go to like um let’s go to Amazon and here for example I will log in or get an account so from the create account for example let me just to continue and here I will make

A password so here is the password so when it comes to this moment there is two ways of accessing your account the first one which is go in here so let me just let me just change the language real quick um let me just do something like that

Here we go so there is this one which is stay connected if I click here and click on login my account will be connected and it will be forever but it will not be saved forever in the Amazon or me Google Chrome but a browser so what I’m

Going to do is save your password which is an icon that will appear in each website that have a register form or login or form and then here we go to here and all you need to do is here put your username and here put the password

That you want it to be and then click on Save after you save it if you go to the settings and you want to settings and then passwords here you will find password manager after that you will find all the different accounts on the different password that you might have in your

Browser and by clicking on this I over here you will be able to see the password that you have put it in the specific website so yeah once more guys so you just have to go to the website enter the password and then go here to the icon and save it

If you want to delete it you can delete it from here in the website or you can just go here more actions and then edit the password or remove so hey guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you for watching

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