How to turn on Dark Mode on Youtube in 2024

How to turn on Dark Mode on Youtube in 2024

Enhance your YouTube viewing experience by enabling dark mode with our straightforward guide for 2024. Learn how to switch to this visually comfortable setting, ideal for reducing screen glare and easing late-night video binges. Perfect for users seeking a more subdued background for better focus on content or those looking to minimize eye strain, our tutorial will guide you through the simple steps to transform your YouTube interface into a sleek, dark theme. Follow along and make your YouTube experience more enjoyable and eye-friendly. #youtube #youtubedarkmode #youtubetutorial

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to turn on dark mode on YouTube so make sure you follow this video to the end and follow these steps so first we will need just to access our YouTube website and search

For our settings so we can be able to uh add or to change our appearance to the dark mode so as you can see here we can find some seal settings by just going here in the navigation bar and we can see this settings uh tab so basically

Here we can find the general settings of our application from the account and YouTube channel Etc here we can see Connected app advanced settings and other things like notification account playback and performance and of course there are several other settings by clicking here on your profile picture they will appear

So if we go here and see the profile picture we will find these additional settings from switch account you can sign out from this account to another one etc etc and of course what we look for is the appearance settings on our uh YouTube platform so we go to appearance

And here you can see use this device uh system means like if your system uh device has the light mode it will use the light and if it has the dark mode it will use the dark means it will adapt to the device system or theme and here we

Can just click on dark mode and we can have our YouTube do have the dark mode so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and sign

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