How to submit Website in Google Search console 2024

How to submit Website in Google Search console 2024

How to submit Website in Google Search console since you need it to index your website and pages in the google search engine.
The perfect tutorial for the year 2024 on how to use the #googlesearchconsole to get indexed in google very fast. Its a free tool by google.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to submit a website in Google search console basically Google search console if you want here Google search console this is Google search console so basically this is it so how you can

Actually add your website to it that’s pretty simple first of all you will need a domain name so I will just go to my domain name which gonna be like um domain so I’m going to put here www dot dot I will just copy it from my Jose

Real quick so here it is I will go here login and I will just copy it from here so so I don’t make any mistakes here we go copy this and let’s put it over here continue validation check in progress and here we go so now validate domain

Ownership via the last record you can select record inside you can just put a text or cname so you can use both of these so the CNN will be like that let me just change this so I’ll see name so this is it um I can copy this that will go to my

Domain name I will go over here see name and Etc so I’ll go to DNS name servers and from here I will go and delete all of these so I have to delete all of these things delete delete and keep deleting everything over here so here we

Go delete everything that you have in your website and they might be infinite as you can see here all right there have been all deleted which is pretty good now what I’m going to do is actually simple go here we need a cname so let’s

Make a c name here we go so the name must be this I think this one and the targets shall be this so here it is and click add record now as you can see it has been done so press validate to validate and let’s waste a little bit and the

Property has been validated so access the property and here it is so basically now I have actually launched my website into a Google search console now I will have everything that has related iteration with my website performance and next same Pages smart application even like here we can see the graphs and circle

One guys so yeah Guys these are basically it that’s how you can add your website to the search console so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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