How to transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Iphone

How to transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Iphone

How to transfer Whatsapp Data from Android to Iphone since you might need to switch your data. We got a simple #whatsappdata transfer guide.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how you can actually like save your WhatsApp backup in your Android phone and then stick it to your iPhone uh for mobile so first of all guys you have to get your WhatsApp

In both phones so go to app store if you are in iOS and if you are on Android you can just go to your Google Play now go here for example and search for WhatsApp and here it is so make sure that you are downloading to Whatsapp that you have in

Your other phone so for example if you have on your Android phone WhatsApp Messenger make sure to download this one if you are having WhatsApp business download WhatsApp business so as you can see here is WhatsApp Messenger all you need to do is update it if there is any

Updates as you can see over here let me just update it real quick and after that what you need to do is simply go to your other phone which is the Android phone uh open the WhatsApp in there and make sure that your WhatsApp is actually saving everything or every shot so how

You can make sure that that’s what’s happening go to settings and from there guys go to your chats and make sure that chat backup is actually turned on and make it a daily or weekly so you will be actually saving everything daily and you can here add

Include videos or not so it depends on you and just like that you will be backing up all your shots in your WhatsApp the next thing to do is remove your sim card from your Android mobile and put it in your new mobile which is your iPhone mobile now when you put it

In here what you have to do simply just go to your WhatsApp sign in using the same number and you will notice that there will be nothing in there so what you have to do there is pretty simple go to settings and from there guys what you

Have to do is export shot or like drag the shot so simply what you have to do is click in here and you can just choose whatever chat from your backup to export it and everything will be in your mobile so guys that was it for today’s video If

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