How to use Artbreeder AI

How to use Artbreeder AI

How to use Artbreeder AI since we have so much new AI tech here is a tutorial on the #artbreeder AI.

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Hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to use artbreeder AI so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead and open your browser and from there just go ahead and search for Arts breeder AI

And click on the first website which is as you can see this AI actually makes you make a lot of different kinds of images and basically how to use this AI you just have to use like a prompt and give it some details and it will make

You these images so for example we can here click for example try it now and basically all you need to do is click on continue over here and here let’s see what’s does it do so I don’t know what does it do exactly about let’s say AI let’s make it render

It so as you can see this is an example of what they actually gave us so this is nine eight six five four two one and zero so here it is and now it will start actually making us some high quality image so this is like a good image

Actually so let’s go back for example and here let’s search for um a guy fighting another one let me just fix this fighting and render and let’s see now how is it going to happen so as you can see here um this is like the image and Etc and this is actually

Like five out of ten something like that let’s try something else for example let’s say for example a girl face see if it’s if it’s going to make us a girl face actually how how detailed can it be so let’s see how this work exactly and this is the face all right

Um I mean okay I get it this is a good but still I didn’t know that they have hair under their eyes uh let’s try face that’s the face and let’s see the random that they will give us eight seven five four two and one and here it is

And this is actually pretty decent not bad not bad actually for a free Ai and yeah it is pretty good guys so this is how you can use actually Arch Builder guys thank you guys for watching and see in the next tutorial

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