How to Unsuspend your X Account in 2024

How to Unsuspend your X Account in 2024

If you have problem with your twitter/x account in 2024 we want to show you in our tutorial on How to unsuspend your X account in 2024 or like other people call it unban your account.

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how you can unsuspend your account on X or Twitter so all you need to do is to follow these simple steps so basically my account is not suspended but there are few tips that can help you

Uh deactivate or unsuspend your uh account on Twitter so you will need just to go to the x uh help or just just type and suspend your account or your X account and they will take you to the help page where you can file an appeal to and

Suspend your account so basically you need just to click here on help on your suspended X account and then it will take you to this page so basically here it will tell you all the instruction that you need to do so you can uh and suspend your account so the first thing

Is to log to your account so after going to the x uh website or the Twitter website you will need just to take these steps by uh loging in and then you will need just to provide for number and confirm your email address after that you will be able to proceed and help

Unlocking your accounts by filing an A so basically we need just to file an A and basically uh it will show you a submission form so you Canal uh file an appeal so basically a form will be something similar to this they will just ask you why uh do you

Think that your uh this is a mistake that they suspended your account so basically after you file an appeal you will need just to wait for a little bit of time so you can get a feedback on your appeal and if it was really a mistake and and you have a good

Arguments that uh they can unsuspend your account you will have your account unsuspended otherwise you will need just to wait for the suspension uh duration to pass so you can be able to log in and access to your accounts otherwise if you’ve been permanently banned or permanently suspended you would need

Just to create some new accounts Etc so basically that’s it thank you for watching and see you in your IAL

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