How to use AI as Marketing Agency

How to use AI as Marketing Agency

How to use AI as Marketing Agency, be more productive with the work for your clients.
Generate more work output and have more clients and revenue in your #agency

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use shot GPT as your marketing agency so it will help you providing you with like uh products price and some marketing stuff that they

Can help you with so first of all what I need you to do is go to open AI .com and then go here and try this now if you didn’t have an account already just created if you have it already let’s go and type on login now

As you can see here is our GPT so let’s start with hi and now it will ask you how can it help you today so now can you help me with marketing one of my products sure I’d happy to help can you tell me a bit more about the product and your

Target market so let’s say for example the product is uh a watch so my product is a watch for business people great a watch for business people sound like a solid product idea to Market your watch effectively I would recommend focusing on the features and benefits that are most relevant to your target

Market for example it will give you it will start giving you some informations Etc so if your watch has slick and professional design oh it’s features like a stopwatch or assignment that will be useful for business professional be sure to highlight those in your marketing materials you can use multiple channels

To reach your target markets such as social media email marketing and influencer marketing you can also create a website where you can show the product in details and give the customers a way to order the product our idea would be focused on for example now let’s say for example

Um let’s say hit audio you can create a website where you can show the project in detail can you make me a website for Market for my products now let’s wait I’m sorry but as language model I don’t know how comparative case websites however I can provide you uh

Open website to a product concluding user website builder like they will give you some information but let me just can you make me write me a script of websites for my products alright so I need to change a little bit of this so can you write a script of

Websites for my products can you write me a script for a product website using HTML so now as you can see it will start making me some like a simple templates for like a product information Etc so here it is business Watts Etc this is the title and so go on so yeah

Guys what you can do is just copy this if you want like for example to know more about social media and how to make marketing Services social media can ask him that you can ask about email marketing and for Western marketing and so go on so yeah guys that’s how you can

Use AI as your marketing agency you can keep asking if questions and he will by the end this time give you the answers so yeah guys thank you for watching and see the next video

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