How to use AI to increase your salary

How to use AI to increase your salary

How to use AI to increase your salary, do you maybe want a higher salary for what you do in your job ? AI can help you to convince your boss to do it.

This video is a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to do something. It includes a step-by-step tutorial and helpful tips throughout to ensure you can complete the task. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this video will provide you with the information and resources you need to become an expert.

Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI in order to increase your salary so we will accept GPT or for a salary average in our specific industry and ask it for ways to

Get promoted and maybe we can use even the shot to make us an email for like to ask for a promotion or a rise of salary so guys we need first to open our devices and then open any kind of browser so for me I’m going to use

Google Chrome here I will go ahead and type open AI so here it goes and basically now I will just go to the top of the website and click on try so here we go now as you can see this page has opened for me now what I’m

Going to do basically is just sign in I have already signed in for you guys you have to sign in so let’s create an account if you don’t have it already using like Gmail Facebook or Twitter account it will be pretty simple and fast process now let’s ask this AI for

Like so let’s say what is the salary average and the industry sector in Morocco for example so I’m sorry I don’t have the most recent data developer on average salaries in the district sector in Morocco however I continue study at Morocco it tend to be lower than those

In many countries Western countries so as you can see now let’s say that we let’s say about USA so um USA for example maybe we’ll find something and 2012 for example so now we will see uh basically this AI is not updated to 2023 it’s the latest

Data that he got is from 2021 I think so that’s why if I ask about current current data it will not have it so let’s try to see what is gonna answers us about this question so let’s give it some time uh here we go let’s wait I

Will just pause the video and wait for it I deleted accessory so back to you guys it is now currently answering me the average salary in the industry sector in the United States 2020 2020 may vary depending on the specific industry and location according to the

Bill of Labor statistic in May 2020 the median annual wage of all workers was 3 39K or 40K if we can say that so now let’s see how can I how can I get a raise in salary so let me just pause and let’s see there are several ways to

Potentially increase your salary you can see it during the higher process Etc uh perform well in your control so it will start giving us like pretty much the answer now let’s stop it and can you write me salary raising demand email so now subject request for salary

Increase and as you can see now uh it will start writing us an email to actually expect that we need a salary increase so yeah guys that’s how you can use this AI for doing all of these tracks or jobs thanks a lot for watching and see you in the next tutorial bye

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