How to create Google Spreadsheet 2024

How to create Google Spreadsheet 2024

How to create Google Spreadsheet 2024 since its easy to use it on pc or mobile and you can create easy tables in form of #googlespreadsheet in the year 2024.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to create your Google spread sheet in your browser on your P or your phones it doesn’t really matter so all you need guys to do

Is go ahead to Google Chrome and or just go ahead and open your and then log into your Gmail account after that if you click in here you will find that there is multiple options like docs books blogs and here you will find cheats so you can go ahead and click on

Cheat and here guys you will find that there is multiple options so all you need to do is pretty simple let’s go here to actually let’s be just first translate the page to English so as you can see here you’ll find different kind of that you can actually team

Different kind of template that you can actually use this is the empty one task list on your budget monthly budget Google Finance invest investments in here discover so for example we can here choose this empty thing so here’s this the sheet here you can let me just I can

Actually change the language if I can or not I can’t really change it uh unfortunately I can’t so basically guys all you need to do is pretty simple here you can change the name of the sheet so here it is here you can actually add the paper or the page or

Page one for example and you can keep add pages uh to the infinity here as you can see this is the cons and like the light so basically this sheet is exactly an Excel but it’s his own web and it is completely free don’t need to buy it or anything like Microsoft Office

Uh softwares you really have to pay like monthly payment in order to get it and yeah this thing is really useful because it is saved on The Cloud Server so I don’t have really that problem of forgotten to save your file and it will be damaged so everything here is

Actually getting saved when you actually do the thing and if you want to go back you can just click on this message over here and you will find the last thing that you did and you can go back to it so yeah guys that was it for today’s

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