How to Enable Monetization for X in Non-Eligible countries in 2024

How to Enable Monetization for X in Non-Eligible countries in 2024

Navigate the complexities of enabling monetization from non-eligible countries with creative strategies and alternative revenue streams. This tutorial explores viable options like leveraging third-party platforms, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, merchandising, and more to monetize your online presence effectively. Ideal for content creators facing geographical limitations on platforms like YouTube or TikTok, this guide provides practical solutions to turn your content into profit, ensuring compliance with platform policies. Join us to unlock the potential of your creative endeavors and monetize your passion from anywhere in the world. #x #twittermonetization #xsocialmedia

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Hello guys and welcome to New Brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to get X monetization on non-eligible countries on the Twitter platform so make sure you watch the video to the end and follow the simple steps first you will need just to know that there isn’t

Much things that you can try to do to get your own monetization on non-eligible countries so if we go here to the x uh help center we can see how you can uh become ible you will need just to consider to be subscribed to X premium so you will need just to have

The blue Mark or the verif verification and of course you need just to have at least 5 million and have at least 500 followers so basically if you want to try like to change your country you will need just to login in or sign up to x with some

Foreign or some uh members that are on the country that are eligible for the monetization to do so we will need either like to buy your number or like to start like having some other accounts or uh that are eligible so basically you can just go to the

Xplatform loging in to X and here in the sign up form so let’s just go uh sign in I will just log out to my from my account log out and log out and I will sign up so I’m just going to create an account so here whenever you choose an

Email make sure that your email is from another country like the Google email should have been registered or sign up as a foreign country or for example us or any eligible country you can have your phone number there are many services that are selling some phone

Number numbers or you can have just your phone number to be uh eligible and after that you will need just to log into your account so I’m just going to loging in with my account and after loging in you will need just to go to your profile and basically we go to settings

More settings and privacy and then you can have your own monetization of course by subscrip ORS Revenue by having first the premium Etc so basically this is how you can try to do it thank you for watching and see you next time

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