How to use Uniswap

How to use Uniswap

How to use the ethereum based #uniswap DEX

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use the uniswap platform so first of all before we get to any of these platforms we need to start with the what tools do we need in order to

Start swapping or using this platform so first of all I will need you guys to download any kind of wallet that you trust so for me I’m using metamask for those who doesn’t know what is metamod basically it’s a crypto wallet so you just get here to meet a monster IO and

Then you click on download from here and then you install metamask for Chrome as an extension so make sure you download the correct metamask so please make sure that the users are over 10 million and this is the correct metamask for you so what you do is now add metal mask and

You will receive it in here but next is basically uh creating a new account and you will be good to go so now what do we have to do next now what you are what you are going to do is pretty simple go to UNI swap and from here guys

What you will have to do is just click on launch up from here after that you have to connect your wallet so we will start with connecting our wallet so let’s get started and then connecting our wallet which is metamask after that you have to put your password and confirm

Right after you put your password and confirm everything here they will show you the two kind of tokens that you will start swapping between them so this unit swap is using the ethereum you can use whatever token you want to swap from so for example let’s say that you want

To swap from ethereum into usdt so what we’re gonna do is Select here ethereum and here we select you sdt and here we put the amount of ethereum that you wanted to go to convert it into sdt and then we click on Swap and right after

That they will cut some fees from your wallet and then your ethereum will be swapped into stt so that’s how you can actually use the uni swap platform so thank you guys a lot for watching and see in the next video

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