How to turn on Dark Mode on Facebook in 2024

How to turn on Dark Mode on Facebook in 2024

Embrace a more comfortable viewing experience on Facebook by switching to dark mode with our straightforward guide for 2024. Discover the simple steps to activate this feature, ideal for reducing screen glare and creating a visually appealing interface for night-time browsing or for those who prefer a darker theme. Perfect for users aiming to minimize eye strain and enhance their Facebook experience, this tutorial ensures a seamless transition to a sleek, dark interface. Follow along to easily adjust your Facebook settings and enjoy a more eye-friendly environment. #facebook #facebookaccount #facebookdarkmode

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to turn on the dark mode on the Facebook application so make sure to watch the video to the end and follow these simple step First Step will be to open your application and login in to

Your account and basically let’s just uh close and go to the menu or to the main page so I can show you where to go so now we need to go to our profile to do so we need to go to the navigation bar or the three bar of navigation and

Basically you will find your profile picture you click on your profile picture here and then we will need to uh go to the settings so we can be able to change the appearance of our application to do so you we need just to click on

The three dot icon here uh next to the ls profile button we need just to click on it and basically it will take us to the profile settings here we will need just to go and search for some settings where we can turn on the dark mode here so

Basically but it seems that there is no appearance here so let’s just go back for few here and in the menu we will find here the settings and privacy at the bar we click on settings and basically here we will find preferences uh section and as you can see there is

This setting that is called Dark mode you click on the dark mode and after that we will need just to turn on the dark mode and we will have our Facebook application that has been turned on the dark mode so basically this is how you

Can do it thank you for watching and you time

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